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Why "Calendars Can Cure"

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This is website designed from the heart and not by an English major but we'd love some help if your willing to support the cause ....

Drawing has become Chase's passion and a way of expression as well as his everyday life.   For him to create something that allows him to show his artwork to others in a way that can not be described.  Chase's passion for finding a cure for TSC and Diabetes has led to hours upon hours of drawing anything you can imagine but his passion still remains with his Semi Truck drawings.  
The 2012 release of his first calendar took a ton of work by those who are close to him.  His Father, Grandmother and Perry spent hours printing and binding the first run of calendars late into the nights and Chase successfully raised over $700 in his first campaign.  Although not a large amount Chase was amazed that he could help and thus the campaign continues for 2013.  Please help us strive to help Chase continue his calling in life to be a Professional Truck Artist and now he has an avenue that can help "Calendars Can Cure" make a difference.

history of our Professional Truck Artist 

Chase was diagnosed with TSC and a large heart tumor within hours of joining the world as a new born.  His parents were informed that he would be alive for a few hours and were not permitted to spend anytime with their new born son.  A few hours after birth Chase was flown to Kosair Children Hospital in LoLouisville KY
with his mother informed she would not be able to follow due to complications of finding a suitable room.   Upon Chase's arrival at Kosair Children's Hospital and with Oxygen levels below normal the nurses informed them that still only a few hours remained.  
Of course his mother made the trip regardless of having a room
or not and joined her first born to support and pray for him.  Hundreds of friends, neighbors, strangers and nurses set out to pray for Chase during those hours to help the new born gain strength.  
Days later Chase's parents were told to take him
home and enjoy what could only be a few weeks or months with their first born child.  Prayers successfully continued day and night for Chase.  Days, weeks and months passed and the diagnosis from his doctor was "Only a Miracle could result in the Heart Tumor shrinkage that has happened"  from 7cm to less than 1.5cm  was medically impossible. Chase was given a chance to survive and now fast forward 17 years he now has a passion to put his words into pictures.  
Having been diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1 at age 6 he struggles to understand why but with a heart as big as he has he knows that it is part of the Lords Plan for him.  

 Chase saw the first TV episode of Trick My Truck in 2009 and wanted to be like Rhino who designs the paint schemes for the semi trucks.  His talents and inspiration 
have grown as he has watched numerous seasons now.
Years of practice have gone into perfecting his talents and put him on a course to full fill his dream of becoming a Professional Truck Artist and now finding a cure.

Thank you to Bryan, Ryno, and The Boyz !!!

Chase's pictures have been enjoyed by those friends, neighbors, teachers, strangers and nurses that have prayed for Chase.
Chase THANK's YOU for your new or continued support and he hopes you enjoy your calendars.

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